Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Infiniti Beach Resort - Almería, Spain

We ended up at the Muthu Group’s Infiniti Beach Resort in Spain as a result of our having been falsely advised that there was no room this week at our preferred venue – Clube Praia da Oura. This frankly disgraceful episode has been related elsewhere, so I’ll not dwell upon it here. It has, at least, provided us with a useful opportunity to gather some information on this other resort.

What struck us at first about the IBR was its sheer smallness. When the driver told us we had arrived at our destination we were surprised, because we were half way along a street with no obvious sign of a holiday resort in evidence. Then we noticed the word “Recepción” inscribed modestly over the door of what appeared to be a house, and a sign bearing the MGM logo upon the opposite wall.

At the reception we were greeted by a friendly chap who gave us a map, and issued us with a key and a swipe card. The key provided access to the site itself and also, we later established, to both swimming pool areas. Infiniti Beach Resort is strictly off limits to all but its own staff and guests. The swipe card gave us access to our apartment, and is also need to enable some of the internal lights to be switched on. As there are two of us and we only had one key and one card this presented some obvious problems, but for a small deposit we were able to acquire a second key and card which resolved these issues.

The apartment is comparable to those at CPO, with the welcome pack arriving an hour or so after us, along with our towels and other sundries. It boasts all the usual mod cons including a tall fridge-freezer, washing machine, dishwasher, cooker, toaster, kettle, microwave, iron and of course flat screen TV.

On site there are two pools, both of them ample and both of which are well-used and popular without becoming crowded. One includes an appealing bar-restaurant at which one can purchase a wide range of food (during certain hours which are not noticeably specified), drinks including cocktails, ice creams and bar snacks. The staff are not English-speaking but are patient and helpful.

Other than the above there is nothing on site to compare with CPO’s extensive programme of activities and entertainment. It is simply not that kind of site, and as such any comparisons with CPO would be unfair. IBR provides a restful, family-friendly, holiday environment. Anything beyond that should be sought outside the site, and there are in effect two places to look – at the beach and in town, both of which are just minutes’ walk away. Restaurants, supermarkets, a bank, bars – some with evening entertainment – it’s all here, just not provided by MGM itself.

As said, comparisons with CPO would be inappropriate. As a holiday destination in its own right IBR has great appeal. Whether I would choose it over CPO is entirely another matter, it is really a question of horses for courses. But I would certainly come back.