Monday, 1 December 2014

Rui Sá - Saxophonist

Rui Sá - or Rui Sáx to use his popular stage name - is a saxophonist and entertainer who regularly performs at the Piano Bar at the Clube Praia da Oura.

A long-time favourite of guests, Rui is appreciated both for his instrumental talent and for his slightly eccentric style, in which he interacts with his audience and personally "serenades" individuals wherever they may be in the bar at the time!

Musically he is invariably note-perfect, and whether he is playing classical or modern he always perfectly captures, indeed creates, the mood. His impressive array of saxophones, which he always has lined up and alternates between, gives of an impression of a man who really does take his task seriously.

Although his family background is in music, 52-year-old Rui once traded his musical career to go into sport, where he competed in the triathlon, as well as supervising at hotel health clubs.

Returning to music in 2005, he undertook work in hotels and bars, which is where he is today. In 2012 he completed a degree course in Saxophone at the Conservatory of Music in Lagos (Portugal).

It is often noted that even people who are not often attracted by his genre of music - the author included - find his sets compelling and make a special effort to come along when he is playing.

Rui has a website which can be seen by clicking here. Not unreasonably it is in Portuguese so non-speakers will need to use an online translator.

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